• Decentralized Liquidity Protocols: leads in decentralized, peer-to-peer liquidity protocols tailored for NFTs.
  • Lending Options: Users can lend SOL, USDC, and MSOL through’s platform.
  • Mortgage Financing Support: The platform supports mortgage financing using the mentioned cryptocurrencies.
  • Project Integration: Projects have the option to create SOL pools for seamless integration into their websites.
  • User-Friendly SOL Lending: facilitates SOL lending for users through its integrated pools.

Rain fi overview

  • currently lacks its own token but may introduce one later.
  • Implemented a points system allowing users to earn droplets through platform engagement.
  • Users accumulating droplets stand a chance to receive an airdrop upon the potential launch of’s token.
  • Before investing anywhere please read our disclaimer first.

How to join

  • Visit the website.
  • Connect your Solana wallet.
  • Ensure you have sufficient SOL and/or other tokens; acquire them through Binance if needed.
  • Navigate to the “Borrow” section, choose the desired collateral amount, and borrow tokens.
  • Explore the option to collateralize NFTs for token borrowing.
  • Check out the “Lending” section to lend tokens.
  • Participate in their points system, earning “Droplets for both lending and borrowing activities. Earn one Droplet for every ten dollars spent on these transactions.
  • Users accumulating “Droplets” stand a chance to receive a future airdrop if they launch their own token.
  • Keep in mind that the platform may or may not conduct airdrops for early users or introduce their token—this remains speculative.

Rain fi Disclaimer

  • the above criteria are just an expectation as they did not announce the criteria and the airdrop announcement.
  • Do investment with your own risk!

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