A gas-efficient protocol for seamless revenue sharing among creators and collaborators. Independent revenue paths require no external maintenance.

Reveel Overview

Reveel , with $1.3M funding from investors like Binance, offers potential airdrops to users creating revenue paths or using the platform’s bridge for token launches.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Mainnet task

  • Visit Reveel’s website.
  • Connect your wallet and switch to any available network.
  • Create a Revenue Path, a smart contract that splits received assets based on your logic (see document).
  • Use the LI.FI-powered bridge for asset swaps and a chance at a speculative LI.Fi airdrop.
  • Sign up for V2 waitlist.
  • Early users in revenue paths or bridge usage might qualify for an airdrop upon launching their token (subject to speculation).

Important note

Check out our list of tokenless projects potentially offering retroactive airdrops for governance tokens. Don’t miss the next DeFi airdrop opportunity!

NOTE = if you follow above rules probability to get 2-3 digit airdrop in $$$ .


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