Since 2021, it is an EVM-equivalent ZK-rollup in Ethereum, uses zkEVM for native trace proof, tackling prover-side efficiency through decentralized networks.

Scroll overview

Scroll, backed by $80M from Polychain and Sequoia, may launch a token. Early users on mainnet/testnet could get an airdrop; frequent transactions enhance eligibility.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Mainnet task

  1. Visit Scroll’s mainnet, add to Metamask.
  2. Connect ETH wallet on, sign messages.
  3. Use bridge to move assets to Scroll.
  4. Buy ETH on Binance or deposit fiat.
  5. Explore dApps for potential airdrop eligibility.
  6. Use to bridge back for more chances.
  7. Bridge to other networks for extra potential drops.
  8. Join their hackathon, check on twitter.
  9. Stay active on their discord for more updates.
  10. Early mainnet users may get a speculative token airdrop.

Testnet task

  1. Check testnet, add Layer 1, Layer 2 to Metamask.
  2. Get testnet tokens from Sepolia faucet.
  3. Bridge tokens between Ethereum and Scroll Sepolia.
  4. Explore zksync for potential airdrop.
  5. Note: Airdrop and token launch are speculative; no guarantees.

Important note

Check out our list of tokenless projects potentially offering retroactive airdrops for governance tokens. Don’t miss the next DeFi airdrop opportunity!

NOTE = if you follow above rules probability to get 3-4 digit airdrop in $$$ .


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